Smartsack Peg - the Smart solution to cloakroom clutter.

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The Product

smartsack peg

The SMARTSACK ‘peg’ is a great storage item which solves the common problem of cloakroom clutter. It can be kept on a child’s peg at all times and can be used for anything from storing shoes to works of art– much like a locker might be used. It can also be carried to and from school or nursery as required.

The SMARTSACK ‘peg’ is brightening and tidying cloakrooms all around the country. Make life easier for your parents, children and staff and invest in your own SMARTSACK ‘pegs’.

There are some great features in the design of this product.

• Slim design to sit comfortably side by side

• Name pocket for easy identification

• Somewhere for letters – a handy front pocket

• Velcro fasteners for young hands to open

• Additional side pockets