A simple, award winning product, SMARTSACK™ is an over-the-chair storage system for pupils that allows them to keep the essentials close to hand during the school day. Designed to fit school chairs with a back width of up to 43cm, SMARTSACKS™ are light, durable and practical, with lots of helpful features. Active learning is easier with SMARTSACKS™ – just lift them off the chairs and the children are ready to go.

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The SMARTSACK™ peg is a great storage item which solves the common problem of cloakroom clutter. It can be used much like a locker would – with the advantage that it hangs conveniently on a peg.

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The SMARTSACK Scrunch™

The SMARTSACK Scrunch™ was designed to help with easy identification of pupils while on SCHOOL TRIPS and to allow pupils to carry materials for OUTDOOR LEARNING.

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Award Winning Products

Judges recognised our product’s ability to solve an existing problem in many classrooms. Most importantly to us, they recognised our own enthusiasm and dedication to our idea.

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